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If there is to be a clear understanding of the gospel, the focus must be on the person and work of Jesus Christ and on Him alone. Let me ask a question, if it all depends on you, why did Christ have to die on the cross? Was it in vain?


Here is the problem. If the focus is on what I must do then I will perhaps always be in doubt as to whether I did enough. If I invite Jesus into my heart, the question, did He come in? If I committed my life to Christ, did I commit enough? If I ask God to forgive me, did He really forgive me?


Paul told the Philippian jailer to "believe in the Lord Jesus." That is something we can understand. We either do or we do not. You can examine the facts and make a decision to either believe in Jesus Christ for what He did for you on the cross, or you can say no, I don't believe that.


What Paul told the Philippian jailer "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved," is consistent with all of Scripture.

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