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Wes & Penny Chappell

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Wes is the oldest son of Pastor Larry and Gayle Chappell, growing up under the Bible teaching of his grandfather, the late Pastor Jay. Wes and Penny met at the New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI and were married in August 1999. In December 2004 they completed their missionary training and language school, and in January 2006 began the arduous task of seeking God’s will for a missionary family to partner with and what tribal group God was preparing for them.


The Chappell’s completed their first term in the Menyama Tribe in Papua New Guinea and shortly into their second term they needed to return on a medical furlough. Baby Jay needed surgery and roughly a year to rebuild his immune system. They return early in 2014, after the birth of their baby daughter, to continue their second term.


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Wes and Penny Chappell

Asa, Josiah, James, and Zoe Jo


New Tribes Mission
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