July 10, 2022

Church Building Project Updates

Church Building Project Updates

7/7/2022 -
82 confirmed volunteers have been confirmed at this time. Volunteers are starting to be matched with hosts.

7/14/2022 -
Construction has reached the point to where the floor is able to be poured in the near future.

8/2/2022 -
Most of the early team has begun to fill in, and will continue to do so for the remainder of the week as the Builders for Christ officially begin work.

8/6/2022 -
Big work day with pretty much all the workers having arrived. Most of the walls got put up this day.

8/8-9/2022 -
With the walls up, the builders were able to make some good progress on the roof, as well as continue working on the walls.

8/10/2022 -
A whole lot of, if not the remainder of, the roof, initial walling, and truss have been put in place.

8/11/2022 -
This final day with the Mobile Baptist Builders concluded a long week of hard work. A majority of the roof has been placed with very little left to be done. The walls also need siding still, but the electricity is all set inside as well. There's still a lot of work to be done, but so much has been accomplished. We at NSBC are overwhelmingly grateful for all the volunteers who travelled all this way to help us out!