EDIFY Youth Group

"Edification Done In Fun for Youth"

Middle School and High School

The Middle School and High School youth group gets together at least once a month during the months of September through May. Each time the youth group gets together there is a fun activity for the students, a Bible study and refreshments.

The youth group gets together either on a Sunday afternoon or Friday night depending on the type of activity that is planned.  Our youth group activities range from snow tubing to water sliding, to hiking, bike riding, games on the beach or games at the church. We also provide opportunities for the youth to serve such as card making for the missionaries, or putting on a dinner for members of our church family.

The Middle School and High School youth group leaders are Sam and Lindsey Beil.

Our desire for our youth:

“To understand the grace of God in truth”, (Col. 1:6).
To grow spiritually “having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him established in your faith”, (Col. 2:7).
To not be conformed to this evil world system, but rather be transformed by the renewing of their minds” (Rom. 12:2).
To grow spiritually with the result that they would “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.” (Col. 1:10)

The Middle School and High School youth group leaders are always open to input.

Sam and Lindsey Beil can be contacted at


The NSBC prison ministry involves leading Bible studies at the Brooklyn Correctional Institution (BCI), in Brooklyn Connecticut. The BCI is a level 3 medium-security facility with approximately 500 inmates. The studies are held the first and third Saturday of each month with each class facilitated by two NSBC volunteers with one being the lead teacher. We currently have a team of seven men from NSBC on a rotational schedule.

There is an average of two to five inmates attending each study. Some people attend more frequently than others and the individual makeup of each class can change from lesson to lesson. Only God can see the heart of man and know each one’s true spiritual status. What we see are men who attend out of a personal desire to do so, not out of compulsion or to gain parole points. See Jesse Abel or Jeff Green for more information.

Rescue Mission

Seven nights a week the mission provides a chapel service focused primarily on proclaiming the gospel of Christ followed by an evening meal. In addition to this, the mission also provides overnight shelter for approximately 75 to 90 homeless men and 15 to 30 women every night of the week. They also serve those in need with their food pantry and clothing room along with other outreaches to the community during the year, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. They also provide dental services, an education and career center, and a one year disciple-ship program.

This past year we have gone up to the Rescue Mission on the third Monday each month with a hot meal for up to 120 people. We also have a church member who faithfully bakes cookies or brownies for the mission. See Sam Beil for more information concerning this ministry.

Nursing Home

The nursing home ministry continues to hold services at two area nursing homes on the first Sunday of each month. Our time together consists of a hymn sing and  time in God’s Word. Several men share the teaching responsibilities at Pendleton Health and Rehab and Mystic Healthcare.

Our group is made up mostly of believers and I am sure they would appreciate your prayers as they struggle with debilitating health problems.  We seek to be an encouragement to them as several have become bedridden over the years. See Zeb Jones if you would like more information or serve in this ministry.


Senior Choir

The senior choir to assembles with gladness in order to be able to “come before His presence with singing” as a part of our worship at NSBC. We are thankful for access to edifying music, and the addition of occasional stringed instruments is a nice enhancement to the music.  Our goal remains to present edifying music which will bring glory to God and put our focus on Him for our worship services.  Thank you for your continued prayer support for this part of our church ministry.  For more information contact Tonja Strope.
The senior choir has practice when they are preparing to presentation to the congregation. Practices are normally held on Saturday in the main sanctuary. If the schedule to the right is blank the choir is off, otherwise it gives more information.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir focuses on worshiping the Lord and hiding God's Word in our hearts through music. We encourage the kids and teens to memorize the songs we perform, as well as any memory verse songs we may be working on. During practice we also teach musical skills.
We have get-togethers about every other month to encourage unity amongst the choir. Parents are encouraged to attend these events when they can.
To join our group, a child must be turning 6 years old during the Junior Choir season. The season typically runs from September to June. Singing in a choir is an excellent way for a child to learn how to read music, and learn how to sing. We welcome children and teens of all musical abilities!
*We also welcome teen and adult musicians who are interested in accompanying the choir, or helping to lead the choir.


NSBC conducts church-based Bible training for men and women in the church, using as the basic curriculum the Bible Training Center for Pastors and Church Leaders (BTCP and BTCL) program and manuals. These training courses are designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the work of the local church ministry.

The curriculum is Bible-centered, using God’s Word along with self-contained and comprehensive course manuals providing the equivalent of a foundational level Bible college/seminary education. These eleven courses are taught by men from the church, and are to be completed in the following order:

1. Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation
2. Old Testament Survey
3. New Testament Survey
4. 4P, Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry (BTCP) or
4L, Communicating Biblical Messages (BTCL)
5. Bible Doctrine Survey
6. Personal Spiritual Life
7. Church Ministry/Administration/Education
8. Teaching Principles and Methods (a BTCL elective)
9. Church History Survey (a BTCL elective)
10. Missions/Evangelism/Discipleship