History of Our Church

The North Stonington Bible Church is the outgrowth of the New London Christian Servicemen’s Center, Inc.  Our first pastor, James A. Chappell, Jr., his wife, Alberta, and their children left San Diego, California for Connecticut in August 1961.  Their goal was to establish a ministry among the military personnel in the Groton - New London area.

Servicemen's Center

God in His grace provided and the New London Christian Servicemen’s Center in downtown New London opened its door November 5, 1961.  Assisting in the establishment of the ministry were Gary and Donna Coombs, also from San Diego.

The property the church now owns became available to the New London Christian Servicemen’s Center in 1964.  It was formerly known as the Jeremy Hill Gospel Center pastored by Mr. Roydon Wilkinson.  From 1964 to 1971, the Chappells used the property as supplementary facilities for the downtown ministry.  During this time, the original barn underwent major renovations to include facilities for servicemen.  In 1971, the New London Christian Servicemen’s Center was moved, in its entirety, to the North Stonington property.


After much prayer and seeing the need for a local church ministry centered upon the teaching of God's word, approximately 50 people began meeting here in late 1977.  The North Stonington Bible Church, Inc., on August 24, 1978, officially started and assumed the goals, assets, and liabilities of the New London Christian Servicemen’s Center, Inc.


In starting the church, it was a blessing to serve our special ministry to the military and their families. The facilities for service personnel has since been closed but many still attend that were reached by this ministry.

The Lord has blessed NSBC with slow steady growth over the years. We trust we will see His hand of blessing via the salvation of many and the continued spiritual growth of believers.  We want to be a church that manifests the reality of Christ to the world by equipping believers to live lifestyles personally purifying and biblically accurate.